Who wrote this?
I’m a senior computer and network security expert located in the Netherlands, working in the IT industry since 1997. My first encounter with the Unix operating system was in 1991. As most of my posts are about using or working with some sort of Unix derived operating system, some knowledge on your part may be required to fully appreciate what I’m writing about.

Why are you sharing this?
I have a passion for nearly all sorts of digital things. I have an overwhelming amount of pet projects that I find worthwhile to write about. It serves multiple purposes: (a) Sharpen and (b) refresh my knowledge, and last (c) try and entertain other computer geeks that stumble upon these pages.

Practically everything you write about is incomplete, inaccurate or has some form of imperfection, why?
All of the following are true:

  • There’s no such thing as a free lunch 😉
  • I’ve not (yet) finished what I wrote
  • There are no 100% perfect solutions
  • Garbage in, garbage out

Everything you read on this website is provided without any kind of warranty or guarantees; It is here for you to use at your own risk. You are highly advised not to copy, download or execute commands, scripts, programs or anything from this website. There is a good chance that it may cause damage or have ill effects on both your computer software and hardware, and may lead to the loss of potentially valuable data.

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